Of all the day spas in Rosarito Beach, Spa Ventana al Mar is one of a kind. To understand why we think Spa Ventana al Mar is so special, you need to know about the vision and concept of the spa and a little background about its founder, Maria Mora.


At Spa Ventana Al Mar in Baja, California, we aim to take care of ALL your senses.

See the artistic beauty of the spa itself, the creation of owner Maria Mora, who custom-designed the spa layout from the ground up.  Working daily with the architect to oversee the layout and amenities, Maria made sure no detail was overlooked, down to the custom-made furniture throughout the spa. Local artist Aida Valencia accomplished the sophisticated yet understated elegance of the interior to reflect Maria’s vision of a peaceful oasis dedicated to balancing mind, body, and spirit.

Feel the soothing touch of one of our skilled masseuses, trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities.  Feel the deeply nourishing effects of our pharmaceutical-grade skincare and body care products, carefully chosen for their high-quality, organic botanical ingredients that are like food for your skin.

Smell the intoxicating aromatherapy scents chosen for specific needs, such as amber for the relaxation of brain waves and sensual pleasure, sandalwood for its healing and detoxifying properties, and lavender to calm and elevate mood.  At Spa Ventana al Mar, you can wrap yourself in an amber-scented towel and enjoy a Lavender Sauna between treatments. Breathe in these beautiful aromas to enhance relaxation and uplift your spirit.

Hear only soft, pleasing sounds and experience the feeling of quiet serenity.

Come…relax… renew…at Spa Ventana Al Mar. We promise an exceptional spa experience.

About our founder Maria Mora


For Maria Mora, Spa Ventana al Mar, in Rosarito, represents the realization of a longtime dream: to offer a first class, exclusive day spa in Baja, where pampered guests delight in the special attention given to all their senses.  In her travels, as she visited spas in such diverse locales as New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, and Hawaii, she studied the experience from a client’s point of view and built on that awareness when she developed her own very special concept, opening Spa Ventana al Mar in 2008.

Maria has studied massage and skin therapies extensively and is a licensed clinical Cosmeatra, the highest degree granted by the SEP (Federal Secretary of Education in Mexico) for the care of the skin, as well as obtaining her teaching credentials.  Additionally, she has trained in Mexico City with a world-renowned Russian therapist, learning clinical massage and lymphatic drainage used in medical massage prescribed by physicians. In turn, Maria has passed this specialized hands-on training to her staff of therapists at Spa Ventana al Mar, allowing the spa’s clients to experience health benefits along with the relaxation and increased well-being effects of massage.

Maria’s expertise and dedication to her business are seen everywhere, from the design elements of the spa itself to the choice of the skin and body products used.  Maria’s attention to detail, her thirst for learning, and her intuition as a therapist are the foundation for an unforgettable spa experience.

Maria invites you to come to relax, and be well… let us take care of all your senses.