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Walk on the Beach Massage – The ultimate relaxation massage. You will melt your cares away while tender strokes are expertly applied to your entire body with fragrances of Sandalwood. This Swedish-style massage will help increase your blood flow, move stagnant lymph fluids and soothe your tired muscles. This virtual walk on the beach concludes with an aromatherapy sea salt exfoliating scrub for your feet.
60 Minute…$86  *Tax included
90 Minute…$136  *Tax included

Spa Ventana Signature Heavenly Fusion Massage – A combination of soft, medium, and deep-tissue modalities. We begin with the Back, Neck, and Shoulder Release and follow with full body massage customized to your body’s needs.  Every part of you will feel the benefit of this extraordinary massage treatment. Designed to release tension, promote wellbeing, and energize your body.  A heavenly experience!
80 Minute…$134 *Tax included

Hot Stone Massage – Smooth, heated river rocks are placed along the spine and problem areas of the body allowing much-needed heat to soak in deeply. The warmth melts away even the tensest places and your therapist will use a combination of pressure points and massage to release the remaining stress.
60 Minute…$100 *Tax included
90 Minute…$150 *Tax included

Massage for Two – Share your spa journey with someone special with a side-by-side massage with two therapists inside our special double massage suite.  Couples, friends, family will find this a unique and intimate experience.
55 Minute…$146  *Tax included
50 Minute with deep tissue…$160  *Tax included


Deep Tissue Massage – A full body massage that works wonders for stubborn and sore muscles and stretches connective tissue. Leave feeling deeply relaxed from everyday stress and hard workouts.
50 Minute…$80  *Tax included
90 Minute…$145  *Tax included

Back, Neck, and Shoulder Release – A combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage. This treatment focuses on the parts of your body that accumulate the most stress and tension.  The benefits of this massage treatment are greatly enhanced by doing a progressive series with the same therapist.
30 Minute…$56 *Tax included

Reflexology Treatment – This energy release footwork is based on ancient techniques of pressure points connected to every part of your body. Your therapist applies firm pressure to specific reflex points which bring energy and relax your entire body.
30 Minute….$56  *Tax included


All our body treatments are done with our organic, nutrient-rich Miguett skincare products. Our skin is the single largest organ in our body and is responsible for cleansing and releasing built-up toxins. Our skin and body health benefits from being fully replenished and nourished on the outside as well as the inside.

Exfoliations – These full-body scrubs will gently polish away dead and dull-looking skin with Dead Sea salt and leave behind a layer rich in anti-oxidants for your skin to absorb.  You will thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of these tender and nutrient-rich scrubs that leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing. Your choice of one “flavor”

– Clarifying Tangerine Polish
– Stimulating Eucalyptus Polish
– Toning Rosmary Polish
30 Minute…$56  *Tax included

Body Wraps
Each of our nutrient-rich, highly active body wraps nurtures your skin and underlying tissues in a unique way. To enhance the effect, we gently massage your head, scalp and apply moistening cream to your face as your body melts into relaxation.

Mud Wrap – This wrap treatment is very effective for eliminating water retention from the hip, thigh, and waist areas. The drawing quality of this wrap eliminates toxins and adds anti-inflammatory benefits while leaving your skin refreshed.
50 Minute…$80  *Tax included

Chocolate Wrap – This wrap is as good as it sounds! A sensuous treatment of nutrients and emollients especially beneficial for dry skin, it will add tone and freshness to your skin while decreasing water retention.
50 Minute…$80  *Tax included

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