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We use only premium, very high-quality organic skincare formulas from Miguett, a Mexico City-based company that uses science and nature to produce the perfect formula for each skin care need. You will see visible results in the age and health of your skin.  All facials include a hand and head massage to complete your skin care treatment.

Done in a  series, our deeply nourishing, organic facials can produce a youthful quality to your skin that rivals expensive injections and skin resurfacing.

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All prices are in US dollars.

Classic Facials

Deep Cleaning Customized Facial – First, your skin will be diagnosed for the appropriate treatment and products selected specifically for its needs.  This is followed by microdermabrasion* therapy to remove dead and rough skin layers and deep cleaning with extraction of Sebum clogged pores. A head and hand massage top off this facial that will leave your skin glowing. *Other spas have an add-on charge for microdermabrasion but it is included in this facial for best results.
60 Minutes…$72  *Tax included.

Back to the Basics Revitalization Facial – A creamy cleanser is used to remove surface residue followed by a mild enzyme exfoliation to remove dull skin. A hydrating mask is then added to revitalized skin and increase energy and blood flow to the skin. No extractions are performed.
30 Minutes…$48  *Tax included.

Handsome Investor Facial – Men’s facial skin is thicker than women’s creating their own unique needs with sun exposure and aging.  A mask that uses a proprietary biotechnology formula rich in the nutrients is applied after a deep cleaning.  This anti-aging treatment delivers deep moisture and fills in fine lines to tighten and firm your skin.  Exotic rose oil is used to massage neck and shoulders to loosen tense muscles.
60 Minute…$72  *Tax included.

Teen Deep Cleaning Facial – Our Deep Cleaning Customized Facial specifically geared for changing teenage skin. Also designed to help teens understand how to care for their skin and prevent blemishes.
60 Minutes…$72  *Tax included.

New Facials and Anti-Aging Therapies

Eye Firming Lift with Radiofrequency – Relieve tired eyes, firm surrounding skin and restore delicate tissue for a brighter, more rested youthful appearance with our moisturizing and lifting treatment that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. We finish with a gentle, stimulating eye area massage that increased circulation and reduces puffiness. A popular treatment and a wonderful addition to any facial or massage treatment.
30 Minutes…$48   *Tax included.

Radiofrequency Rejuvenation Facial – Your skin will be cleaned with microdermabrasion, followed by extraction of clogged pores. Then, using radiofrequency technology, we lift, firm and increase collagen production of the most tired areas of your face and neck. This non-invasive treatment yields brighter skin that is tighter with a significant reduction in sagging, wrinkles and imperfections.
60 Minutes…$96  *Tax included.

Radiofrequency Rejuvenation Session – This shorter session is recommended as a follow-up to the rejuvenation facial. Light and effective exfoliation is used to remove any residue on the skin, followed by radiofrequency treatment that works via radio wave currents that penetrate deep into the dermis (deepest layer of the skin), causing tightening of the underlying tissues.
30 Minutes…$60  *Tax included.

Microcurrent Regeneration Facial – The microcurrent facial is a therapeutic treatment that delivers safe, painless electrical impulses under the skin to firm and tone facial muscles. This treatment works on immediate and long-term effects. The technology repairs collagen in the dermis (deepest layer of the skin), while erasing signs of aging in the epidermis (top layer of skin). Microcurrent works with the bodies natural electrical current to speed up the cellular regeneration process. The result is firmer, healthier, more youthful looking skin.
60 Minutes…$96  *Tax included.

Microcurrent Regeneration Session – This shorter session is recommended as a follow-up to the regeneration facial. This safe, non-invasive treatment will aid in sculpting your face, accentuating cheekbones, smoothing out wrinkles and defining your jawline. The results of this treatment are cumulative.
30 Minutes…$60  *Tax included.

Signature Anti-Aging, Lifting Facial with three therapies – We start with a deep cleansing and microdermabrasion follow with a combination of radiofrequency (tightens skin) and microcurrent (lifts muscle). A cold mask is applied that uses a propriety formula containing antioxidants and botanicals that feed your skin and soften the appearance of fine lines. While your anti-aging mask is working, exotic rose oil is used to massage your shoulders, neck, and hands.  This facial restores a youthful appearance and a radiant glow to your skin while creating a lifting effect on facial skin and muscles.
90 Minutes…$144  *Tax included.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) 

HIFU is a breakthrough in anti-aging technology, offering a truly non-invasive alternative to surgical lifting. It is a MUST have treatment option and the ONLY FDA approved treatment especially for improvement of:

  • - Deep lines
  • - The crape skin along the neck and jawline
  • - Décolletage (upper chest area)

This focused ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin layers that was previously only available with surgery. HIFU uses highly focused ultrasound to safely lift and tighten skin.

It is also excellent for post-surgical facelift to maintain the lift and treat blood stasis, scarring, and numbness.

Over 90-180 days, the wound-healing response continues and stimulates long-term tissue renewal. This leads to increase tightening and lifting. Results from one treatment can last up to one year and up to several years with 2-3 treatments.

For more information and pricing, see our Anti-Aging page here.


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