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All prices are in US dollars.

Spa Manicure – An old fashion, complete manicure, and polish with our special touch. Your hands will be gently exfoliated to remove dry skin, moisturized and then dipped in hot paraffin to seal in the moisture. Leaves your hands young and fresh!
60 Minutes…$30– French Manicure Polish add $10  *Tax included.

Spa Pedicure – Relax those hard working feet in a bowl of aromatherapy infused hot water and hot stones. We do a complete pedicure and polish with our special touch. Your feet will be gently scraped to remove dry skin, moisturized and then dipped in hot paraffin to seal in the moisture. Known to give you happy feet!
60 Minutes…$36 *Tax included.

Pina Colada Pedicure – This exotic pedicure leave your feet sparkling, fresh and soft. Your feet will love the cleansing, drawing salt scrub followed by a gentle nail and cuticle cleaning. Enjoy a complimentary Pina Colada while we paint your toes with polish!
60 Minutes…$48 *Tax included.

Our Signature Hot Stone Pedicure – Bliss is the best word for this pedicure. This pedicure covers all the usual steps to lovely, groomed feet with a luxurious twist. A botanical rose infused soak is followed by a gentle rose exfoliation of feet and lower legs. A hot stone massage on your legs will melt away the cares of the day!
60 Minute…$48 *Tax included.

We Also Do
Painted French Tips – $10 *Tax included.
Polish Change – $10 *Tax included.
Hot Paraffin – $10 *Tax included.

Waxing – Face
Lip – $12 *Tax included.
Chin – $10 *Tax included.
Full Face – $30 *Tax included.

Waxing – Body
Full Arms – $20 *Tax included.
Chest – $30 *Tax included.
Bikini – $24 *Tax included.
Half Legs (2) – $30 *Tax included.
Full Legs (2) – $48 *Tax included.
Back – $36 *Tax included.


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